Chariots of Fires Week 7: Faith Again


Sometimes, we need to look at a complex subject from different viewpoints. Especially when it is a central part of the Christian Experience. Today, we take another look at Faith. It is such an important part of the Christian's story. And yet it seems to be misunderstood, improperly taught, and remains a mystery to most Christians. We start peeling back the layers by looking at three parts of Elijah's faith, and how it can help grow ours.


Chariots of Fire Week 6 : The Battle


This is the highlight of Elijah's arc in the Bible: The showdown on Mount Carmel. He is out numbered 1000 to 1. And he has them right where he wants them....


Chariots of Fire: Week 5 Danger Zone


There are three areas of danger that are discussed in today's sermon: The Danger when the word of the Lord leads you right in front of people who want to do you harm -- the danger you find yourself in when living by the written word of God causes conflict with the world around you -- and the most dangerous of all: When you ignore both the spoken and written word of God to do your own thing. We look at three men who faced danger, and how they handled it...


Chariots of Fire: Week 4 Trust, Faith, & Audacity


If we live as Christians, eventually develop a Trust in God. There are certain things that we trust Him to do. We trust because we’ve seen Him do it… But Faith takes that to another level. Faith is believing God can, and will, do something you have never seen before. In the case of Elijah, he believed that God would do something that NO ONE had seen before. Where does this kind of audacious faith come from?


Chariots of Fire: Week 3 – A Widow’s Choice


There is an old saying about giving memorable speeches: “First you tell them that you are going to tell them, then you tell them, and then you tell them that you told them…” The amazing thing is today’s scripture does just that. It underlines this passage three times: twice in the Old Testament, and once in the New Testament. Something that is that special to the author of the Bible deserves our attention… and today we’re going to give it… This is pretty cool…


Chariots of Fire: Week 2 – Jehovah Jireh


Elijah has faced off against the most powerful man in the country, and made a promise that God was bringing judgement. But — just when it seems like the story is taking off — the Bible shifts gears and shows us Elijah’s downtime as he waits by a brook. What is it about being in the wilderness alone that seems so important in God’s story? What is He trying to teach us through the lives of people like Elijah? Do you feel like you are lost in the Wilderness? What should you do about it if you are?


Chariots of Fire: Week 1 – The Elijah Prayer


We begin a new series about two characters of the Old Testament who seem larger than life. In fact, it is almost as though God paints them in bright colors so we won’t miss them. They dominate the books of First and Second Kings — but they aren’t Kings. They are known as Prophets — but have nothing recorded in the books of Prophets. They act a lot like Judges — but they lived generations after the book of Judges takes place. Who are these incredible men? And could it be that God wants us to notice them for a reason?


The Power Of IAM


What is in a name? When Moses asks God what His name is, he gets a very odd reply. But as we look at God’s Answer we find that there is a perfection to His name that makes sense. And there is a power in it that is almost indescribable.


The Four Cups: Week 4 Restored


God calls us out, He delivers us, He Redeems us… and for what? He does it to bring us to the final step: he restores us. Restoration sounds so “churchy.” What does it mean? Simple, it means He brings you back to where you first started. And the reason he does it? Because when you aren’t with Him, he misses you. Join us for the conclusion to our Four Cups Series…BIBLE REFERENCES: Exodus 6:7; Matthew 2:13-14; Genesis 12:1-3; Hebrews 11:8-10; Genesis 12:4-8,10; Luke 9:62; Genesis 12:11-16; Proverbs 9:13-18; James 1:23-24; Genesis 12:17-20; Genesis 13:1-9; 1 Peter 1:4-7; John 13:32-38; John 18:1-3,12-18,26; Matthew 26:75; John 21:1-11,15-17;Psalm 43:1-4.


The Four Cups: Week 3 Redeemed


It all comes to this... this is the moment Jesus came for. This is the moment that the Passover is forever changed. It isn't just about Him releasing us from bondage, it is about Him redeeming us... so we will never be in bondage again.


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