Ruth Week 3: Identity Crisis


A lot of people go through an identity crisis. They feel insecure. They aren’t really sure who they are anymore. What about you…? Are you sure who you are and where you are headed? Naomi thought she knew who she was, and accepted a life that was not intended for her. Ruth took a different path, and there is an important lesson to be learned from her…


Ruth Week 2: Travelers and Seekers


There are times in our lives when we find ourselves faced with a life defining decision — a choice will be made that will change our lives for years. Maybe forever. In today’s text in the Bible, we see two women faced with that situation. Each of them chose a different path that changed everything for them. How can we make sure we are ready to face these moments? And how can we choose wisely?


Ruth Week 1: God In The Famine


We start our new series on the book of Ruth, and right away, there’s a problem… In verse 1, we are told there was a famine in the land. But, wait a minute, this was the Promised Land! This was where God brought the nation of Israel after 40 years of wilderness training. How can there be a famine in the Promised Land? Does that mean the promise is false? Does that mean that God has deserted them? What do we do when we reach God’s Promise, and something bad happens to us?


What Have You Done For Me Lately?


This is an unusual sermon. It was not what Pastor Grice expected to preach. But he was awakened on Saturday at 3am, and began to remember a message God had given him before -- years before. In fact, this message had been in a time capsule for 35 years. But we serve an infinite God, and time is no barrier when he has a message He wants us to hear.


Rock and a Hard Place Week 8: Don’t Blame Delilah


We finish up our mini-series on addiction by discussing a well known story in the Bible: The Life of Samson. Pastor Grice refers to him as a Sex Addict. Does the sandal fit? The answer might surprise you, and it shows that even people who are being used greatly by God can be hanging onto destructive sin that will eventually destroy them.


Rock and a Hard Place Week 7: Fighting Strongholds


When we are fighting addictions, we quickly learn what it means to attack a spiritual strong hold. When the enemy is deeply entrenched in our lives, gripping us physically and emotionally, and wearing us down spiritually… how do we fight back? In this sermon, we look at the story of a Hero who overthrew a stronghold single-handedly… What did he know that we are missing? BIBLE REFERENCES: 2 Corinthians 10:3-4; 1 Samuel 16:6, 13; 1 Samuel 17:1-8, 11, 16, 23, 26, 32-39, 40-44, 48-54; Ephesians 6:12-17.


Rock and a Hard Place Week 6: Satan’s Snare


Addiction is a nasty trap that snares a lot of people. We know about drug addictions, and alcohol addiction, but there are many ways we fall into the pit of addiction. Where does this come from? Why do we seem powerless to prevent it, and unable to climb out of it? We start the first of a three part look at the struggle of addiction, and God’s plan for deliverance.


Rock and a Hard Place Week 5: Depressed Again


We are on part two of the discussion of Depression. This time, we drill down deeper into the causes of it, and what we can do to prevent it. And, more importantly, we take apart a well-known scripture to find out how God deals with depression in one of His prophets.


Rock and a Hard Place Week 4: Authentic Faith


If we are going to see miracles, we need to know what Faith looks like. The Bible is pretty clear on that. But it seems half of the churches out there tell us that faith in miracles are pointless, and the other half try to sell us on a formula, that frankly, doesn’t work. So what is the right thing to believe? Does anyone know what Authentic Faith looks like? Well, this may not surprise you, but it turns out: the Bible does…


Rock and a Hard Place Week 3: Depression


We go deep into a problem that afflicts a lot more people than we realize. Depression. When the darkness covers you, and things don’t feel like they will ever be right again. There are several types of depression. Before we discuss the depression recognized by the Mental Health world, Pastor Grice wants to discuss one not mentioned there: Spiritual Depression, brought about by Deception.


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