Fruits – Week 3: Fruit Killers


We want to see God’s Fruit in our lives. In fact, Jesus tells us that this is the best way to honor Him and bring Glory to God. But what if some of the things we believe are actually keeping the fruit from growing in our lives. Is it possible the enemy has deceived us in subtle ways we don’t even realize?


Fruits – Week 2: Love


Of all of the Fruits of the Spirit, Love is the most important… and the most misunderstood. We look at what Jesus said about Love, and what we are doing in our lives that is keeping this all important fruit from growing in our lives.


Fruits – Week 1: What the Fig?


We start our new series about fruit by examining some of the ways Jesus used fruit to teach His disciples (and us) about the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven. One story, in particular, is rather odd… it is a story of a time Jesus cursed a tree, and the tree died. If the scene makes you uncomfortable, it is because it is meant to…


STFD Week 5 – The Unforgiven


We finalize our series with the main area in our lives that we are letting the enemy have easy access: Holding onto hurts and grudges instead of letting them go, and allow God to heal us. Jesus teaching on this matter is so clear, it gets scary reading what he tells us happens to us if we don’t follow it…


STFD Week 4: Destruction Comes


You have all heard “Pride goes before a fall.” That’s in the Bible, right? Well… Sort of. Actually the scripture has a nuance to it that gets lost here. And it is an important distinction. Because if we don’t get this right, it will destroy us.


STFD Week 3: Anger Issues


Many people confess to having problems with their temper. And yet, no one seems to be able to do much about it. We are driven by rage, letting our anger control us, and then apologize later to those we hurt. Except, Jesus tells us, we are supposed to be different. It is by our fruit that people will know who we are. And Anger is not a fruit of the spirit. So, how can we stop this powerful emotion that seems to sometimes run our lives?


STFD Week 2: The 10th Commandment


Getting further in our series on ways we allow Satan easy access into our lives, we tackle something that runs rampant in America — but is rarely thought about it: Coveting. Are you allowing this opening in your life? Why is it so evil? And how can we stop it?


STFD Week 1: Temptation Breakdown


As we start our new series “Shut the Front Door” — where we look at ways that Satan gains entry into our lives — we begin by looking at the larger question of: “Why do we seem to be fighting a losing battle against the Devil’s temptations?” Is there any way we can see more victory in this area of our lives?


Nehmiah Week 14: The Center of Everything


Our (long) series on Nehemiah finally comes to a close. The conclusion of this journey shows us why the wall was built in Jerusalem. And it explains why God is so intent on creating a place for his people to come together.


Nehemiah Week 13: Fear, Lies & Compromise


In the next to the last sermon in our Nehemiah series, we look at the enemy’s last ditch efforts to stop progress on the work God called Nehemiah to accomplish… When fear doesn’t work, he tries spreading lies, when that fails he tries to get Nehemiah to negotiate with the worldly leaders. The attacks are more subtle. And if we want to see God’s work finished in our lives, we need to learn to recognize these moves, and deal with them. BIBLE REFERENCES: Nehemiah 6:1-3; Luke 6:26; Luke 9:62; Nehemiah 6:4; John 15:18-19; Matthew 16:21-23; Nehemiah 6:15-16


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